Koppenhöfer Partner has specialised in industrial construction for over 90 years. Not an easy decision at the time, but the right one by our office founder Prof. K. A. Koppenhöfer: today we are experts in this field.

Many clients, colleagues and partners have helped us reach milestones. At this point, a heartfelt thank you for everything.

 2021  CureVac GMP IV, Tübingen, mRNA Impfstoff Produktion
 2019  Boehringer Ingelheim, BDC, Biberach D
 2018  Merck D50, Darmstadt D
 2017  Bayer CMB, Wuppertal D
 2016  Novartis WST222 NSLF, Stein CH
 2008  Novartis WSJ352 Tadao Ando, Basel CH
 2007  Roche Bio IV, Penzberg D
 2006  Holopack Pharma 2020, Untergröningen D
2004   Koppenhöfer Mannheim GmbH
 2003  Altana Pharma, Cork I
 2001  Sartorius Werk 2001, Göttingen D
 2001  Hexal do Brasil, Londrina B
1998   Koppenhöfer Consult GmbH, Consultants Ingenieure
1997   KOP do Brasil, Engenharia e Planejamento Ltda., Sao Paulo  
 1996  Boehringer Ingelheim, Sao Paulo, Brasilien
 1995  Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V., Beerse, B
1994   Koppenhöfer & Partner GmbH, Architekten Ingenieure Gesamtplaner  
 1992  Bayer SME Aspirin Europaproduktion, Bitterfeld D
 1990  S.P.I.M.A.C.O., Al Qassim / Saudi-Arabien
 1986  Gruenenthal Masterplan Werk Stollberg
 1967  Hoechst AG H600, Frankfurt/M D START CLEANROOM PLANNING Pharma production
 1964  IBM Böblingen D START CLEANROOM PLANNING Mikroelectronik
1963   Prof. Koppenhöfer + Partner GBR, Freelance Architects

Office establishment by Professor K. A. Koppenhöfer

Office Founder

Kurt A. Koppenhöfer

Prof. Dr. Dipl. Ing. Architekt, born in Stuttgart in 1906, studied at the TH Stuttgart and founded our at the time already independent office for industrial construction in Stuttgart in 1931.
He continued to impart his versatile knowledge in the field of industrial construction not only to his employees, but also through numerous publications and lectures at home and abroad. In 1974 K.A. Koppenhöfer was elected president of the International Institute for Industrial Planning (I.I.I.) based in Vienna.
This institute with consultative status to UNIDO serves the international and interdisciplinary exchange of experience in the terms of the CSCE negotiations in Helsinki.
K.A. Koppenhöfer passed away in May 1995.


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